South Coast Tourism

Bawley Bush Cottages is a member of the local Bawley Coast Tourism Group. Detailed tourist information for our area can be found at  .The group has produced a Bawley Coast map and guide which is visible on its website, available free to guests in all our cottages and can also be obtrained from the Bawley Point Newsagency.

We are also a member of the South Coast Tourism network of tourism businesses co-ordinated by Cathy Dunn, Mollymook-based tourism promoter,

The purpose of Cathy's loose association is to share information of interest, to learn about things that are happening in the local industry and to mutually assist each other to be successful in our businesses.

Cathy is a very experienced local tourism marketer, networker and writer and we recommend her services to anyone who wants a more effective presentation for their tourism business in the marketplace.