Kangaroos at Pebbly Beach

Kangaroos at Pebbly Beach July 2011

Many of our visitors want to see kangaroos. They abound (!) everywhere with two species of wallaby (swamp and red-necked) and one of kangaroo (the eastern grey) frequently seen here at Bawley Bush Cottages. In mobs kangaroos can be seen on the oval at Kioloa and at nearby Merry Beach about 10km away. A well-publicised place for seeing kangaroos in a beach setting is in the Murramarang National Park at Pebbly Beach.  

Pebbly Beach, apocryphally famous for a kangaroo filmed in the surf, is also a beautiful spot to laze on the beach. National Park car parking fee applies.By sealed road travel about 20km south from Termeil along the Princes Highway to the Mt Agony Road (North Durrass turnoff) and follow signs. You can alternatively use the unsealed Pebbly Beach Road off the highway 12km south of Termeil. Definitely consider returning via fair-good gravel roads through the Murramrang National Park. It is an experience. Especially consider taking the rougher but 2-wheel driveable Mountain Road to park below and then walk to the summit of Mt Durass...the highest, closest-to-the-ocean "mountain" in NSW. Views are sublime. 

WARNING: Kangaroos are wild animals. Great care should be taken with any wild animal which allows close approach, Do not feed them as this will ultimately make them aggressive and deleteriously affects their digestive systems.

Open: 7 days a week, pay parking
National Park: no dogs
Pebbly Beach Road
Pebbly Beach NSW 2536

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