In-house guest Information

A very warm welcome from Bill and Pip to prospective and in-house guests. Here follows our on-line information compendium. 

The compendium contains viewable/downloadable .pdf files about how your cottage works, our property, it's development history, a field guide to walking around it, what to do in the area and our recommendations about where to dine in Bawley Point, Ulladulla, Milton, Mollymook and Batemans Bay. But ....

Firstly check today's Bushfire Rating (top right box) and know what it means 

Australian forests are ecologically adapted to bushfire. Humans beware. At Bawley Bush Retreat we take the safety of our guests seriously.....the higher the rated daily fire danger, and the closer a fire, the more likely it becomes that you could be required to evacuate. During hot dry spells it is important to be acutely aware of the daily fire risk rating. Everyone should have the "Fires Near Me" app downloaded and set up with an alert zone(s) to notify you if a reported fire starts. In our case set it up with a wtach Zone of 25km of our property...101 Willinga Rd, Bawley Point. Day fire ratings of Severe or Extreme require enhanced alertness verging on suspicion. If there is a day rated as Catastrophic/Code Red then our policy is that all guests are to immediately evacuate whether or not a fire threatens. If you are in-house and develop a concern about a possible nearby bushfire whatever the daily rating please call Fire Warden on 0421 552 403, Deputy Warden 0474 145 402 or office on 6100 4743, refer to the safety procedures posted in your accommodation or open those same procedures in .pdf documents below. Tune in ABC local 97.3 or 103.5.  Apart from any threat to property and life that bushfires create, even distant fires can cause highway disruptions that may affect your travel plans.  Be aware, stay informed and be safe.  Don't nervously wait, we recommend you evacuate if you have concerns....whether you evacuate voluntarily or in accodance with these or fire authority instructions we will not charge you for an event or booked nights you do not use.


This document answers questions you might have about how things work in your cottage, where to get self-catering supplies and where to access medical and pharmacy services.

This contains comprehensive recommendations about where to buy seafood and where best to eat out and/or find bars in Bawley Point-Kioloa, Ulladulla-Milton-Mollybook and, less comprehensively, in Batemans Bay. We are very lucky to have so many fine food options in our area.

These notes are an essential companion for understanding the ecology of our property and adjacent lake and wetlands. If taking a bushwalk please use these notes in association with the separately downloadable propertymap that identifies walking tracks.

If you choose to take our on-property bush walks using our Field Notes then this is the map you will need so it all makes sense. 

This document contains suggestions as to what you can do in the area. Requires driving. Be sure to take a Bawley Coast tear-off map with you (a book of these tear-off maps is in your cottage) and read the interpretative information on the rear of it the map to enhance your understanding of the area. National Park walks not included in the document are also particularly recommended.

Murramarang NP walks include:- Murramarang Aboriginal Area, Pretty Beach to Snapper Point, Pretty Beach to Durras Mountain, DEpot Beach to Durras Mountain, Depot Beach to Durras Mountain and Snake Bay, Rainforest Walk at Depot Beach, Rock Platform walk at Depot Beach, Durras Discovery Trail and the lake walk, Headland walk at Depot Beach, Wasp Head walk, Honeysuckle Beach Walk.

Meroo NP walk: north on the beach from Willinga carpark to Meroo Lake then back on the rear-of-dune walk (marked on map).

More distant Moreton National Park walks include Pigeon House (2 hours) and The Castle (all day).


This .pdf desribes some of the challenges that Bill (and Pip) faced in getting Bawley Bush Retreat to its present stage of development. Bed-time reading, tissues needed!

This document enables you to make a self-assessment about whether you should continue your peaceful enjoyment, prepare to evacuate, evacuate or seek on-site refuge in the event of a local or regional bushfire. A printed copy of this document is in your compendium. It is especially important to read this when Today's Fire Danger is rated Very High or above.

Download the Fires Near Me app. It tells you how far each reported fire is from your device. Alternatively use this map to plot the distance of a current bushfire from Bawley Bush Retreat. The map displays concentric distances from Bawley Bush Retreat and each one, read in conjunction with the Assessment document requires different actions.   A printed copy is in your compendium.