Bawley Bush Retreat Covid safety

The NSW government substantially relaxed its Covid rules on 29th March 2021 and we are nearly, but not quite, back to normal. While Bawley Bush Retreat has a registered its own Accommodation Hospitality Covid Safe plans each DIY retreat/event using our property is still required to develop its own Covid Safe plan in accordance with teh rules that apply at the time and that is specific to their event. This for the safety of their clients and/or guests. By law each event plan still has to be registered (with the government). It's not hard to prepare. To help you prepare iyou may include our venue-specific words below into your plan and then add items specific to your event sourced from the relevant section of NSW government Covid rules.  When you've registered it email a copy to us before arrival. Our current rules follow:-

Electronic entry: All venue and accommodation guests using and contractors visiting Bawley Bush Retreat are required to sign in electronically for contact tracing purposes. That can be done by using our QR codes either at the office on the entry road or at our venue or cottages.

Excluded entry: Any arrival experiencing cold/flu symptoms is denied entry to Bawley Bush Retreat and is advised to get Covid tested.

Sanitising: All visitors are advised to wash hands frequently and to use hand sanitisers  

Capacities:  The 1#:2sqm rule still applies to both indoor and outdoor event components of our venue. Subject to our venue maximum of 120#, this means that at any one time there can be up to 65 event guests in the indoor foyer/function room (130sqm), 35# in the adjacent lounge room (70sqm) and up to 40# on the covered verandas. There are now no Covid limitations on cottage accommodation capacity and we can sleep up to 35 people on site depending on bed configuration requirements.

Dancing/Entertainment: There is now no limit on the numbers of people permitted to use a dance floor nor any number restrictions for bands or singers. 

Sub-contractors: Event principals are to ensure that their catering and other subcontractors have their own Covid-safe plans in place for their staff and their interaction with your guests. 

Covid Marshall: It is the law that each event principal appoints a badged or high-viz Covid Marshall whose responsibility it is to ensure that the entire event plan, including capacity maximums, is continuously implemented throughout the event.

Latest information: Go to for latest information that relates to your specific event application and include that in your own plan.  

Formal compliance: To register your event use this link to NSW govt site Fines for non-compliance remain very large. Ensure that your event plan is not only communicated to us but to your clients or guests, contractors and/or others who might be involved in your event.