Our mutual commitments (includes safety alerts)

This is the accommodation and events contract that applies between us as hosts and you as guests

In exchange for you having paid us for an accommodation or function booking we undertake to reserve high quality fully furnished residential accommodation and/or event space and facilities for your party in accordance with the descriptions contained in any quote, advertising material or web sites we maintain for the period stated in our electronic or written communications with you. In particular we agree to provide you with professionally cleaned facilities with sufficient clean linen, cooking equipment, crockery and utensils for all agreed members of your party. For accommodation guests we will provide bathroom toiletries (including toilet paper), dishwashing detergent, salt and pepper and on-arrival tea and coffee making supplies. For functions we will provide kitchen access to your caterer, crockery, cutlery and glasses  sufficient for up to 100 people and facilities, toilet paper, paper towels and soap for however many people we have accepted as coming to your event.

Except for dams and subject to the terms and conditions below you and your guests will have access to all booked accommodation and all open space on our property. Our aim is to facilitate the quiet enjoyment of your holiday or event and we undertake to respond as promptly as practicable to requests by you to rectify any supply or comfort oversights and/or faulty equipment or services problems that may occur. The quoted tariff includes bed configurations in accordance with your requests (may be a fee), linen, gas, water, electricity, firewood for inside pot-bellies, departure cleaning and GST. Unless more people stay than have been quoted for, more cleaning after your stay than a standard clean is required or damage occurs as described below there will be no charges additional to the quoted tariff. A "standard clean" assumes you have left your cottage and surrounds pretty much as you found them with all crockery and utensils cleaned and put away, all food removed, BBQs and grounds cleared of waste, rubbish separated into 3 categories and no evidence that a dog has used furniture or bedding or has even visited.
We will take it that you have read and agreed to the foregoing and the following terms and conditions applying to your stay:-

1.     That you are aware that we have two deep unfenced dams with opaque water and steep sides. With the exception of Kookaburra Cottage and Wombat Caravan both dams are at least 100 metres from guest accommodation and event facilities. You agree that you will ensure all children in your party or who may be guests of your party are supervised so that they are unable to approach dams except under the active supervision of an adult. Children under 12 who are not very capable swimmers in the event they fall into or enter water clothed are not permitted to stay in Kookaburra Cottage. In any case swimming by any guests in dams is not safe and is strictly prohibited.

2.     That the quoted tariff applies only to the period and numbers of people and dogs stated on documents exchanged between us. We will charge extra on a per person and per dog per night (or in the event of a function, per day) if more than quoted stay. We also charge extra for bed configurations different from standard configurations (eg for singles when standard is king and vice versa).

3.     That a deposit of 100% of total tariff is required for all single night bookings and for all bookings made where the stay is within the next week. We require a deposit of at least 25% of the total tariff for all other bookings. For the summer high peak period all deposits must be made up to 100% by the 1st November preceding the booking. We require a credit card number for all bookings as a guarantee of payment.

4.     All payments made in advance will be:-

a.     fully refunded if you tell us within 48 hours of booking for a stay commencing more than 48 hours ahead that you want to cancel or that you do not accept this contract,

b.     refunded to the extent we are unable to provide the accommodation you have booked (in which case we will use our best endeavours to find alternative local accommodation for you), or

c.       partially refunded if emergency highway closures on the start date prevent you taking up part of your booking. Refunds will apply pro-rata to the days such closures exist.

  1. Our cancellation policy for an accommodation booking separate from a function made directly with us is as follows:-



Period of booking

Cancellation date in relation to

commencement of booking

Cancellation/admin fee per

 unit booked: due on


Off-peak incl long weekends

More than 2 weeks before

$50 *

Off-peak excl long weekends

Less than 2 weeks before

First night’s accommodation

Pub holiday long w’kends

Less than 2 weeks before

First 2 night’s accommodation

Peak and high peak

More than 6 weeks before


Peak and high peak

Between 2 and 6 weeks before

50% of tariff per canc night **

Peak and high peak

Less than 2 weeks before

100% of tariff per canc night**


 *    Can be applied as a deposit on another booking within one year.

**  If someone else books cancelled nights then cancellation fee charged for nights subsequently re-booked will be refunded except for an overall admin fee of $200.

 If you do not cancel and do not utilise a booking then: if it is an off-peak booking we will charge for the first night’s accommodation; if it is a peak period booking then the quoted tariff for the whole of the period booked will be charged. 

  1. The cancellation policy that applies to a booking made through a third party agent is the cancellation policy disclosed on that agent’s website or paperwork and may differ from the policy above.
  2.  That you will be liable to pay any outstanding balance for your booked stay or event at the commencement of your booking. We will retain credit card details you have provided and, if, for any reason the balance of the account has not been settled, including any extra cleaning or breakages, we will use those details to settle the balance of amounts due (plus any credit card fees applying). We will email a receipt to the email address provided. Credit card details will be used for no other purpose.

  3. We accept Mastercard, Visa and American Exress cards and reserve the right to charge a fee up to 1.8% for such useage. We accept no other credit cards. We also accept direct bank transfers, EFTPOS cards and Paypal. 
  4. Unless and until we are specifically advised by you not to do so we may use your email or street address to occasionally inform you of tourist related local news, accommodation specials or developments on our property with a view to prompting you to make a return visit. We will not disclose your email, street address or phone number to a third party.

  5. That no-one in your party will smoke in our buildings, conduct illegal activities or disturb other guests.
  6. If you want to bring a dog you can do so provided you pre-arrange this with us, you pay our current dog tariff, you keep such dog under restraint or close visual supervision and pick up droppings. Additionally we ask that dogs be prevented from hunting and/or chasing native animals and reptiles, barking and/or otherwise disturbing other guests, roaming at night and from lying on any carpeted floor, beds or furniture. Dogs must not be left unattended inside cottages. Dogs should be protected against ticks.

  7. Unless it occurs other than through reasonable wear and tear or as a result of a fault we will ask you to fully replace or pay for the repair or replacement of all/any items of our property any member of your party loses or damages. If we have insurance for such an item your liability may be limited to payment of our insurance excess.  Except as required by law we take no responsibility for the security or safety of any tenant’s personal property.

  8. If any member of your party wishes to walk around our property outside the immediate vicinity of your accommodation whether or not on marked tracks or on the adjacent public reserve they should do so only if fit and agile, wearing sturdy footwear and are willing to take personal responsibility for their safety and comfort. Branches could fall from trees, there are trip-and-fall risks such as slippery surfaces, retaining walls, logs, uneven ground, roots, rocks and tussocks that require alert attention to safely negotiate. There are also reptiles and bugs common to this region including flies, ticks, mosquitos and, in damp conditions, leeches that could conceivably bite you. If you do choose to venture outside we recommend you use Deet-based insect repellent and wear long pants and long-sleeved shirts. It is your responsibility to inform all members of your party that these and other conceivable bush and bush-walking hazards exist. If you do get bitten by a tick it is strongly recommended that you resist scratching or pulling it off. Use an ether based spray to kill it (Wart Off or Start You Barstad) and consider taking an antihistamine to moderate a possible allergic reaction. If you get bitten by a leech you should clean the wound with antiseptic. It is rare but if the area around a leech wound starts to become red in the days following the bite, treat it as an immediate medical emergency and seek medical advice; antibiotics could then well be required..

  9. Lake Willinga and immediate surrounds is a public reserve. We have kayaks by the lake and backrests, paddles and life-vests (compulsory for all users) in our shed. You may borrow these from us by request without charge entirely at your own risk and only for use on Lake Willinga. Children under 7 are not permitted on kayaks. Children 7-14 must be accompanied by an adult. If you choose to borrow the kayaks you will be entirely responsible for the safety of the people using them and for the return in good condition of all of the equipment after each use.  We make no warranties as to the suitability of any of the items for any purpose.  After use kayaks should be left tied to a tree above the high water mark and the equipment returned to our shed. You will be responsible for making good any damage to equipment or losses.

  10. That you will not arrive before 3pm on arrival day except by special arrangement. Departure time from cottages is before 11.00am. Even if you are staying on site attending a function that has different start/finish times all personal belongings must be removed from cottages by 11am. In circumstances where there is no follow-on booking, and depending on housekeeping schedules, we may be able to extend departure times without charge upon request.

  11. Access times to the Cockatoo Room for a function are by negotiationis and possible only if all property related costs are paid in advance.

  12. A booking for Café Cottage does not include use of the Cockatoo Room, its verandah, the Cockatoo Room servery or that Room’s externally accessed toilets unless the Cockatoo Room is co-booked.  However a Café Cottage booking does include shared use of the foyer between the buildings and, for a Café booking of more than 2, shared use of the handicapped toilet and shower accessible off the foyer.

  13. If you wish to use the Cockatoo Room and its verandas for a function you can do so on agreement to pay a tariff based on the number of people using it. Additional charges will apply to the room’s use as a sleeping venue.

  14. Additional charges will apply to any failure to put away Café Cottage/Cockatoo Room crockery, cutlery cooking equipment etc in a clean condition in the place where found. Breakages are to be paid for.

  15. If during your hire of the Cockatoo Room you engage a third party to provide services to you for reward then a specific condition of use is that you ensure that the third party carries adequate indemnity and workers compensation insurance for the services being provided. We will not be responsible for any claims arising directly or indirectly from services provided by such third party.

  16. All breakages and/or equipment losses that occur in any place during any stay will be recoverable by us from the person in your party who paid us the deposit for the accommodation or function. We hereby advise we may charge such costs to the credit card given us at commencement of the booking. These will be identified on your Tax Invoice/receipt.

  17. Irrespective of how many guests there are at your function we require that the person making the booking or another delegated adult remains sober at all times during such an event to monitor and supervise the behaviour and healthy participation of all attendees. You or such nominee will immediately cause all attendees to comply with any request we may make for behaviour modification or noise reduction. If, in our opinion this is unsuccessful, we may require you to terminate your party and/or your tenancy with immediate effect. Additionally we may disconnect utilities and may call police if we judge circumstances warrant it.   

Issue update date: 4 July 2017