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May and June on the beautiful NSW south coast – are you coming?

Winter is a much better time to come to the coast than you might think. Have a look at these tables taken from the Weatherzone website. It proves that on the coast we have very moderate seasonal fluctuations in temperature compared with anywhere up the escarpment and/or on the tablelands. I have used Ulladulla (our nearest weather station) to demonstrate a coastal climate and Canberra to demonstrate an inland climate. The red and blue lines on the graphs below are respectively mean average maximums and minimums. Draw your own conclusions.

Climate comparison

Weatherzone Canberra

climate comparison

Weatherzone Ulladulla

So right now at Bawley Point on the NSW mid south coast we are having a wonderful Autumn. The days have been warm and sunny, the ocean water temperature balmy. Pip describes her daily dips as golden. At night our blanket has recently reappeared but I reckon we are still 5 weeks away from lighting up the pot-belly for its first seasonal outing. I have been pulling out the finished tomatoes and beans and we are about to plant our next season’s garlic.

South Coast Beaches

Beautiful south coast beaches

Sunset at the dam Bawley Bush Retreat

Sunset over the dam

Our friends have just gone after sharing a bottle of wine with us while watching the sun set over the dam. We both just agreed that we can’t think of anywhere else we would rather be.

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Richard Rachel Pip and Bill of Bawley Bush Retreat

Richard Rachel Pip and Bill of Bawley Bush Retreat