Wedding tariffs

Budget your costs here but contact us by email or phone for formal quote

The wedding/celebration component of our tariff outlined below provides access to our function facilities and to all the grounds of our 36-acre lakeside property for a two-night minimum use by you and your chosen function providers. The celebration component includes your choice of outdoor or indoor location for your ceremony and/or reception; also the function room for 2 nightsits equipment (tables, chairs, audio, video), the caterer's kitchen (incl crockery, cutlery, glasses and equipment).  Accommodation tariffs (incl campsite fees) are additional to the celebration tariff and can be estimated by checking under our Tariffs>Accommodation tab. (A two night minimum booking of all cottages is required and, provided you book the luxury caravan too, you will have exclusive use of the property).  You can use the seasonal celebration tariff listing below to make your own cost estimates for holding a function here and, if that fits near your budget, ask us for a formal quote.  A standard clean is included in all tariffs but we charge a refundable bond and will deduct from it rubbish removal and staff hours applied if grounds, furniture, crockery etc are not clean or not put away as and where found or are damaged. Note that we charge 1.5% for credit card use. There is no fee for EFTPOS transfers.

For function room size and equipment details please refer to separate subtab.

Celebration tariffs incl GST

Celebration tariffs are calculated on a per-person-attending-reception basis and give access to the property, and function spaces for 2 nights. Tariffs are a seasonal fixed price per person for up to 80#  and 50% of that price for more than 80.  Our minimum tariff is calculated for 60# though smaller weddings are welcome. Child discount applies. Maximum capacity 150#. Seasonal pricing follows:-

Feb, Mar, Apr, Oct, Nov, Dec: Weekends  $75pp, weekdays $55pp Min accom 2 nights (but Easter, min 4 nights)

May, Sep: Weekends $60pp, Weekdays $45pp. Min accom 2 nights

June-Aug: Weekends : $50pp (but QB long weekend $60pp), Weekdays $35pp. Min accom 2 nights but QB weekend 3n. See more under Winter Wedding tab

High peak (Xmas to 2nd weekend Jan) :  $90 pp weekends and weekdays, (but min accom 3 nights).

Peak (January): $85pp weekends and weekdays (but min accom 3 nights)

  • For 80# -150# : Add 50% of above per person tariff. 
  • Deduct $10 for each attendee aged between 2 and 16. Infants to 2yo free/not counted.
  • Serving-ware capacity 100#. Cocktail service advised for more than 100# or extra seated-meal serving-ware to be provided by guest.
  • Optional extras: Tablecloth hire (2300mm X 1350mm to fit trestle tables 1835mm X 760mm)  $14 ea, napkins $1.25 ea, ground hire for third party marquee or event tents $1.50 per sq m per day they are erected. Gas from pedestal heater for space heating $5 per Kg. You can elect to to remove your own event-generated rubbish bt if we do it then, post event, we will charge a $10  flat fee for properly contained/detained paper/cardboard recyclables, $1 per milk-crate for plastic/steel/glass/aluminium, $2 per black garbage bag tied and shut in our rubbish trailer. We charge double those rates for rubbish not bagged, tied, crated or contained.
  • We charge $50 for each cool room/trailer and each food truck or catering trailer from which food or drinks are served
  • If more than a standard clean is required this will be charged at $55 per staff hour. We do not permitt confetti and will definitely charge for cleanup if found. No problem or extra charge for rice or flower petal confetti substitute. 
  • All extras will be charged and/or applied against credit card provided from the bond paid .
  • Not included, extra charge: Accommodation (including required rental of all of our standard cottage accommodation), campsites for overflow guests, breakages, food, drinks, suppliers engaged by you, staff engaged by you or your suppliers, celebrant, table linen, decorations, musician, marquee, food and catering vans etc. Credit card fee is additional too.

Celebration tariff includes:

  • Subject to our payment policies being complied with, tariff includes access to grounds and to the function room from 3pm first day to 11 am departure day (but these times negotiable). It also includes use of commercial kitchen, crockery, cutlery and glassware  
  • Access by event caterers of your choice (caterers at your additional cost) to Cafe Cottage commercial-standard kitchen and use of its equipment at times organised by you. If commercial caterers are used they must carry insurance, your responsibility to ensure this.
  • Tables, chairs, crockery, cutlery, glasses for up to 100.
  • Cockatoo Room servery for use as a bar (too small for more than 30#) and use of larger moveable outdoor bar (for larger numbers) and ice boxes for serving (but not selling) alcohol supplied by you ..
  • Audio equipment by arrangement (up to 3 standard mics, 2 wireless mics, speakers, foldbacks, 12-channel mixer), stage lighting, mirror ball, rising stage if requested. 
  • Free disposal of all food wastes from compost bins or into Worm Farm.
  • After your event the room is to be vacated by departure time with everything left clean and put away where found ready for standard floor and facilities clean by us. If not the hourly put-away and cleaning charges above will apply. 
  • But Cockatoo room is not available for major birthdays under 25yo, Schoolies or similar parties.

    Reservation, deposit and balance policies for celebration bookings 

  • We will reserve dates for use of the property, function room and cottages for a celebration function for a period of up to two weeks without financial obligation. To turn a reservation into a confirmed booking we require a deposit of at least 25% of the quoted tariff based on estimated number of function guests and the minimum 2-person per cottage accommodation tariff. No later than 3 months before a celebration booking we require the deposit to be increased to 50%. No later than two weeks before the event we need to be advised of final numbers, table linen requirements and all accommodation bed configurations. At that point payent of all additional costs is due.   Access to function room and any marquee site on arrival day will not be provided unless 100% of the full function and accommodation payment balance plus the $550 bond (for rubbish removal, possible breakages and clean-up costs) has been received. We will accept contributory payments from your guests before and during your function. We will refund to you any unused deposit and any overpayments made to us by your guests during their stay within a week of your function.

    Cancellation policies for celebrations 

  • If you cancel a celebration booking our standard single-cottage accommodation cancellation policies will not apply. We will charge a cancellation fee as follows:-
  • Less than 2 weeks before booked event, 75% of final tariff for function and accommodation
  • More than 2 weeks but less than 3 months before booked event: 50% of total quoted tariff, Any deposit balance held by us will be refunded.
  • 3-6 months before event: 20% of total quoted tariff. Any deposit balance held by us will be refunded.
  • > 6 months before booked event: 10% of total quoted tariff. Deposit balance will be refunded.