Cottage accommodation, mid South Coast NSW

The beautiful Chefs Cottage

Much more than a place to sleep. .

Bawley Bush Cottages at Bawley Point is the perfect coastal location for you to stay in whether it is a holiday you are looking for or whether you are attending a workshop or conference. We have 36 acres of grounds including sweeping lawns, forests and lakeside bushwalks. We have  beautiful 4-star cottage accommodation and a function room and commercial kitchen if required. If you are comparing us with other accommodation options bear in mind that we cannot be compared with a holiday cottage or a motel. We apply just as much effort on making the outdoor experience of our property (landscaping, vistas, large lawns, bushwalks, roads, self-contained water supply and treatment etc) as pleasurable for guests as we do on making our indoor experiences exceed their 4-star rating. Our guests do not choose us because we are ordinary. Though we are dearer than other places you might come across, our intention is to provide you with an extraordinary and memorable experience.

But we do the accommodation component well. We do romantic weekends for two best and we can also sleep families and/or a group of around 28-30 people (or up to 35 people on any occasion that Kookaburra Cottage is available). We provide for even larger groups by offering camping sites (for tents, vans and campervans) and by helping our guests find overflow accommodation in nearby cottages or cabins owned by other operators. 

Which cottage should we choose to stay in?

All of our cottages are suitable for a couple but all can sleep more. If you are looking for a very secluded and very comfortable experience for 2-6 people then Chefs Cottage is the ideal cottage for you; if you are a couple and enjoy water views and open spaces (perhaps you have a dog you want to watch cavort on the large lawns below you) then either Cormorant and Oystercatcher Bush Apartments (Seabirds) will suit perfectly; if you are a family or a group for whom plenty of space is important then either Cafe Cottage or the Cockatoo Room (as a cottage) should be checked out. Cafe and Cockatoo rented together would suit up to 5 families wanting to stay together. If you're a couple or a small family on a budget and want privacy and romance all of our places are good....but Wattlebird Bush Apartment , being our most economical, may just be the special place for you.

Though it is rarely available, when the owners, Bill and Pip (who live there) are away travelling, Kookaburra Cottage is our most luxurious. It's appointments and unique dam-side location offers the ultimate coastal holiday experience for up to 7 people (but note no children permitted for safety reasons...proximity of dam). 

Please note that all stays and events are governed by a contract between you and us that comes into force once you have paid your deposit. This contract which outlines our mutual responsibilities can be viewed as a sub-tab under the Tariff tab at left..

Cottage bed configurations and maximum capacity

We set out here the absolute maximum number of people that can be accommodated in any one of our cottages. Note however that the total we can accommodate overall is limited by the fact that we have only 5 extra foldup beds suitable for full-sized adults and 6 suitable for small adults or children. Our standard tariffs are based on 2 people using standard bed configurations. We charge extra for more than 2 people in any cottage and also for splitting or joining beds away from our standard configurations. We also charge extra for departures on Christmas, Boxing and New Years Day.  All our king beds can be divided into singles. Bedrooms are all private with doors but lofts and lounge rooms are open, therefore a little less private when used for sleeping. There is room for guest-owned portacots (we do not supply) in each room. We have no ensuite bathrooms thus, for bookings of more than 2 in a cottage, bathrooms are shared. Standard configurations with possible variations follow:-

Cafe Cottage (max 13 but then very crowded, better with less):

Upstairs bedroom: 1 zipped king with space for 1 foldup

Upstairs loft: 2 king single trundles that can be butted together to make king, also space for 1 foldup

Downstairs bedroom: 1 zipped king

Downstairs extra room: Up to 3 foldups

Downstairs lounge: 1 queen sofa bed

Cormorant and Oystercatcher bush apartments, max 6 in each apartment. (Apartments can also be joined by opening double intervening fire doors to make a single cottage with all occupants having access to 2 bathrooms). 

Upstairs bedrooms: 1 zipped king bed and space for 2 foldups

Downstairs lounges: 1 queen sofa bed

Chef's Cottage (max 8 people): 

Downstairs bedroom: 1 queen 

Downstairs bedroom: 1 zipped king

Upstairs loft: 2 unzipped king singles and space for up to 2 foldups

Wattlebird bush apartment (max 5 people):

Upstairs loft room: 1 zipped king with space for foldup

Downstairs lounge: 1 double (not queen) sofa bed

Cockatoo Room (If not being used for a function it can be used as a cottage): max 8 sleeping, single room dormitory with 2 X queen-width double-bed-length sofa beds. Limited privacy provided by hopital style curtains around the two sofa beds if desired.

2 queen-sized sofa beds, up to 6 foldup beds.

Kookaburra Cottage (max 8 people). Not always available

Downstairs bedroom: 1 king (non-zippable) 

Upstairs #1: Queen bed

Upstairs #2: King bed (or 2 singles) plus space for up to 2 single foldup beds.

Downstairs lounge: 2 X single lounges plus space for 2 single foldup beds.


We have free wifi with adequate reception available at all cottages except Oystercatcher. Being improved. 


If you're celebrating or wanting to run an event with accommodation then the Cockatoo (function) Room in combo with Cafe Cottage (where large catering kitchen for up to 100 seated diners is located) and/or in further combination with some or all of our other cottages can't be beaten for beauty or ambiance on the south coast; .

Secluded and rustic eco-theme

All of our retreat buildings are similarly finished featuring earth brick or corrugated iron cladding,  exposed local hardwood features, internal pine panelling, wood fires, BBQs and comfortable furniture creating one of the best eco friendly Function Centres and South Coast Accommodation in NSW. We use sustainable building, water and waste practices. All cottages are set in the bush, well separated from others and have water views or glimpses.