Marquee options

Use our dome marquee or hire in a 3rd party one

Bawley Bush Retreat offers brides and event organisers a range of marquee options to consider. Those options are additional to our 90sqm function room (suitable for weddings up to 80#) and our permanently-in-position marquee frame, its optional white fabric cover and its floor ...these four features already included in our celebration tariffs. Our marquee is designed-and-manufactured by Creative Structures in Holland and will comfortably accommodate up to 150# cocktail style or 120# seated diners as well as providing space for a band and dance floor. If you prefer to use a hired third party marquee then you are welcome to do so, we have provided ample level and graded spaces for such choices. 

Our marquee frame is permanently assembled in position with its 6 legs bolted to concrete piers. At 16+metres long, 14+m wide, 7.1m high it is structurally engineered using sturdy 120mm diameter anodised aluminium. It is able to withstand constant weather exposure and also powerful winds when covered with fabric. The frame/marquee is located at the north end of a 600sqm+ graded lawn area. Creatively lit by you in addition to the basic LED lighting we provide, it can be used uncovered for a variety of activities....say for open air dining, a dance floor or just casual outdoor longing/seating. It's your choice. Included in all tariffs is a winchable lighting truss hung from the frame at a height of 5m that can be safely dressed by you at floor level.

If you want the frame covered with our waterproof white pvc fabric to create a very large marquee for wind, rain and temperature protection as well as for decorative effect then all you have to do is give us at least two weeks notice so we can schedule outside assistance to install it. Such is the translucent nature of the fabric it will allow internal lighting effects to be visible from the outside.  We will organise to pull the fabric over the frame before your event and will remove it when weather permits, after your departure. Note that we currently provide a wooden floor though this is likely to be replaced with a paving one. You may hire a dance floor from third party if desire for placement inside or outside the marquee. Fabric includes 6 zipped side panels, 3 opaque and 3 cear and all but one has zippable central doors. 

The first 2 photos in the above boxed set are not taken at Bawley Bush Retreat. The ring-in photos are marquee supplier-provided and presented here to demonstrate to event organisers just what our structure could look like when lighted internally at night and an idea what it can look like when peopled inside  (we do not provide the flooring shown).

3rd party marquee? If you dont like our marquee or just prefer others we have additional spaces you can choose for alfresco drinks/food vans/dining/games or to erect third party hired-in marquees. Please note that our marquee frame will remain in its position. There is enough space immediately south of our frame for traditional rectangular marquees up to 18m long or for as many as two conjoined nordic tipis (23m X 13m) to be erected. We also have a level lawn in front of the Cockatoo Room 19m X 10m that can be used for marquees or alfresco uses. There is no additional fee for any such uses. Marquee suppliers well-familiar with Bawley Bush Retreat include nordic tent suppliers Kata Lane and Matakata, also clear wall/roof and standard rectangular wedding-tent suppliers South Coast Party Hire and Shoalhaven Party Hire... but you are free to hire from any professional, third-party marquee provider provided that supplier carries liability insurance.