Marquee space or Dome Marquee

Hire our marquee or hire a 3rd party one

Bawley Bush Retreat offers all event organisers a large graded marquee space on a lawn for a marquee of their choosing. Third-party supplied marquees are welcome and there are some excellent options but, from December 2018, Bawley Bush Retreat will have its own 175sqm 6-sided dome marquee available for hire to guests at a fraction the hire cost of 3rd party smaller alternatives. Our Netherlands-designed-and-manufactured Hexadome-Large event tent will easily house up to 150# cocktail style or 120# seated as well as providing space for a band and dance floor.

Our marquee will have a permanently assembled and usually-anchored but mobile frame. It is larger than any single marquee previously erected at BBR by 3rd party providers: 16+m long, 14+m wide and 7.1m high. The frame is made of sturdy 120mm diameter anodised aluminium able to withstand constant weather exposure. It will normally be anchored, unclad, in our marquee area immediately ready for alfresco use by event organisers willing to take their chances with the weather. That frame itself will carry dimmable permanent 12-volt waterproof strip-lighting and can be custom decorated and lit beyond that by users. For such use there is no additional charge....the frame is included in our basic property hire charge. 

If you want to use that frame covered with a waterproof white fabric as shown in the photos above, thus converting it into a very large marquee providing decorative effect as well as wind and rain protection, then there will be a hire charge for the use of and installation of the fabric by our staff. In this covered configuration, as you will see from the photos, our marquee will make a very special beautiful and waterproof event space that can be lighted as you wish. Such is the texture of the fabric it will allow custom internal lighting effects to be visible from the outside. We will stretch fabric over the frame a day or two before your event and will remove it, weather permitting, the day after your departure.  A typical setup would be undertaken sometime Thursday or on the Friday morning with removal the following Monday. This is much the same erection/removal process that a 3rd party marquee supplier would also follow.

None of the Hexadome photos on this page are taken at Bawley Bush Retreat but are presented to demonstrate to potential event organisers just what the structure we will be erecting late in 2018 will look like. The larger picture at the top left is a marquee of the size offered by BBR and gives a very good idea of what ours will look like from the inside. A couple of the pics are of smaller versions of the unit we have on order. Also note that our marquee area is set in the bush and has beautiful views over sweeping lawns to the adjacent coastal lake....we do not have the sea or pool views depicted in the photos

More: Our 175sqm frame/marquee will be erected at the north end of a 600sqm+ graded lawn area leaving plenty of space for other desired celebratory uses, eg food or drink vans, games, outdoor furniture. There is no hard flooring available from BBR for the marquee though a lawn-friendly hard floor could be hired from a third party supplier if thought necessary.  Extras that can be hired from Bawley Bush Retreat include a 5m x 4m waterproof dance floor, sufficient camp/annex matting to cover the whole area under the marquee and up to 6 marquee side panels to fully enclose the Hexadome's 6 arched openings.  There are 3 opaque panels, one with a door, that match the main fabric and 3 clear panels....a small aditional hire fee applies for each. See Wedding tariff schedule to budget for extras. 

 3rd party marquee? if you prefer to hire a 3rd party marquee, or you just want open lawn space in the place of our marquee or frame, you will need to budget for our modest unanchoring-and-tow-away-and-back fee for the frame, our ground hire fee and, of course, for marquee hire cost from the supplier. Marquee suppliers familiar with Bawley Bush Retreat include nordic tent suppliers Kata Lane and Matakata, also clear wall/roof and standard wedding-tent suppliers South Coast Party Hire and Shoalhaven Party Hire... but you are free to hire from whomever you prefer.