Marquee options

Hire our marquee or hire in a 3rd party one

Bawley Bush Retreat offers brides and event organisers a range of marquee options to consider. These options are additional to our 90sqm function room, already included in event tariffs. BBR's own dome marquee was first used for a wedding in March 2019 and our photo gallery above remains incomplete. While third-party marquees arranged by event organisers are welcome at BBR (and there are some excellent ones available), our own 175sqm 6-sided dome marquee is available at a fraction the hire cost of any 3rd party marquee alternative. It is a Netherlands-designed-and-manufactured and will comfortably accommodate up to 150# cocktail style or 120# seated diners as well as providing space for a band and dance floor.

Our marquee frame is permanently assembled in position with its 6 legs bolted to concrete piers. At 16+metres long, 14+m wide, 7.1m high it is engineered, made of sturdy 120mm diameter anodised aluminium, able to withstand constant weather exposure and also powerful winds when covered with fabric. It is located at the north end of a 600sqm+ graded lawn area. Being lit it can be used uncovered for a variety of activities....say for open air dining, a dance floor, food truck parking, drinks caravan or just casual outdoor seating. A photo of part of this area is included above.  If not hiring our fabric, extras that can be hired from us include a dance floor and a stage.  It's use as a frame-alone under which events can be creatively designed, is included in all our tariffs. (In previous promotion we erroneously stated the frame would be able to be relocated to make clear lawn space....but apologies, that has proven not to be possible). A winchable lighting truss is hung from the frame at a height of 5m and permanently carries basic waterproof, dimmable colour-selectable strip-lighting that is useable also when the frame is fabric-covered. The truss and frame can be further custom lighted and decorated as desired by users. See Wedding tariff schedule to budget for extras. 

If you want the frame covered with a waterproof white pvc fabric to create a very large marquee for wind, rain and temperature protection as well as for decorative effect then an extra, but very competitive, hire fee applies.  Such is the texture of the fabric it will allow internal lighting effects to be visible from the outside. The covered configuration must be booked at least 2 weeks before your event so we can schedule outside assistance to install it. We will organise to pull the fabric over the frame before your event and will remove it when weather permits, after your departure. Fabric hire optionally includes sufficient annex floor matting for the whole marquee to lay over our lawn. It also includes an optional 4.8mm X 4.8m dance floor that could be placed inside or outside. Also included are zip-in side panels: 3 opaque that match the tenting fabric (2 of these have central zippable doors); 3 that are clear plastic (each has a central zippable door). Note we have no solid flooring but subject to to minimising lawn coverage time to 3 nights such might be hirable from 3rd parties.

Three of the marquee photos on this page are not taken at Bawley Bush Retreat. The ring-in photos are marquee supplier-provided presented here to demonstrate to event organisers just what our structure could look like when lighted at night and when peopled. Photos will be updated as events using our marquee pass at BBR. Our marquee structure is set in the bush and has beautiful views over sweeping lawns to the adjacent coastal lake. 

3rd party marquee? If you dont like our marquee we have other spaces you can choose for alfresco dining or to place third party hired-in marquees. Just note that our marquee frame will remain in position. There is enough space below our frame for traditional rectangular marquees up to 18m long or for as many as two conjoined nordic tipis (23m X 13m) to be erected. We also have a level lawn in front of the Cockatoo excpanded to 19m X 10m. A modest per sqm ground hire fee for any 3rd party-supplied marquee or food vans applies. Marquee suppliers well-familiar with Bawley Bush Retreat include nordic tent suppliers Kata Lane and Matakata, also clear wall/roof and standard rectangular wedding-tent suppliers South Coast Party Hire and Shoalhaven Party Hire... but you are free to hire from any professional, insured third-party provider.