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Sick of the beach? – (as if!) why not try some of the activities at the ANU Field Station at Kioloa?

NSW South Coast BeachesWhen you and the kids get sick of the beach, (as if), why not try some of the activities at the ANU Field Station at Kioloa? All walks and talks are taken by ANU lecturers and researchers who give their time during the January holidays.

There’s lots of things to do this week such as “Bush foods of Kioloa” a walk with Dr Judith Caton – find out what the traditional landowners ate on the South Coast. It’s a fascinating exploration of what the bush has to offer in the way of food.

Other activities include spotlighting in the forest with Stuart Davey to see “animals of the night”. This is a must for kids and adults alike since most marsupials are nocturnal in their habits.

Last night there was an amazing talk by Dr Prame Chopra on “The how and why of climate”. An ANU scientist speaking about everything you always wanted to know about climate change and why it matters.

On Tuesday, 6th January at 9 am there’s a  2 hour “Historical and Aboriginal Walk” around the Kioloa property taken by Archaeology Researcher, Chris Carter. This promises to be really interesting, the property itself is one of the earliest built at Bawley Point and many 19th century artifacts have been discovered there.

At 10-30 am there’s a “creepy crawlies” walk with Associate Professor Paul Cooper, “Exploring Rock Pools” also with Paul at 3-30 pm. This walk is great for the kids, who, in my experience of living on the south coast, always love fishing around in rock pools, finding crabs, anemones and shells.

All you need to do is turn up at the starting point, which is the London Shed, that’s the big straw bale building just inside the ANU gates on the right as you come in. Carry a water bottle, hats, sunscreen and enclosed shoes are recommended for all walks. CLICK HERE for more information.

See you in the surf,