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Full-on Yoga Retreat happening at Bawley Bush Retreat

There’s no better place anywhere on the South Coast for a yoga retreat, whether it’s to train more adherents to become teachers, or just for people who love nothing better than to spend several hours a day exercising their bodies and minds in asanas, or postures. All I know is, I’ve taken part in a day yoga retreat and felt stretched in mind and body afterwards. So I can imagine what five days of yoga, meditation, laced with visits to our wonderful beaches, swimming, walking in the bush as well as the fantastic food provided by the two caterers this particular group always bring with them can achieve. ¬†Our seminar room is perfect for this, with its views right down to the lake, curious kangaroos and wallabies watch as retreaters do their postures on the lawns.

Everyone tells us the bush ambience, surrounding our Cockatoo room, with nothing but the sounds of bird calls and the distant crashing of waves is perfect and it is, I can attest to that, having been there, done that. Inside is also wonderful, in summer with the windows and doors wide open, there’s the soft green of the gum trees, a wide verandah to sit on and have your meals and cups of tea. Just perfect.

Happy summer everyone. Pip