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Summer is i coming in….

Yes, that’s right, we’ve nearly got to those lovely warm days capped off with mild evenings where it’s possible to sit outside and enjoy the fading daylight and your beautiful surroundings.

It’s beautiful at Bawley at any time of the year. There’s the busy life of the bush around us, several pristine, white sand beaches to choose from, as well as the cheerful atmosphere of our local cafe, where they serve the best coffee, but summer for me is really special.

Now begins the time of long, warm days in the sun, keeping the vegie garden under control, the tomatoes are growing visibly, you can practically hear the lettuces cackling as they stretch their leaves in the warmth of the sun. Let’s not forget the frog orchestra lulling me to sleep every night. Some frogs like to set up house in our drain pipes from where they can make a huge echoing racket, calling for mates in their own froggy language.

Visitors are spoilt for choice in this area. We are twenty minutes drive from some of the best restaurants on the South Coast, we have the local cafe for casual pizzas, that’s three minutes drive away, as well there’s a fine dining restaurant/cafe at Merry Beach, ten minutes away by car.

As for coffee, and weekend breakfast, you can’t beat the Bawley Beach Cafe, just down the road from us. Just nip up to the shopping centre and buy your newspaper or open up your Ipad and read the paper over a great coffee.

We even have a 24 hour convenience store up on the highway, a few minutes drive away, where you can buy the provisions you may have overlooked in the rush to leave the city. Not many rural areas can boast that.

Summer is when I start to think about new toys for the dam, not for me, for the grand kids, where we swim every day to wash the sand off after a beach visit. The white water lilies open up their flowers when summer comes and we see the O shaped mouths of the little turtles as they rise to the surface, to snaffle gnats and termites.

Some fun events to look forward to. The celebrated MUDsingers, a gospel choir from Milton Ulladulla are giving their Christmas Gala Concert on December 19th at the ANU Kioloa London Shed. It’s a must-be-there event which will take the roof off. Supper and drinks are available, you can buy tickets, $15 pp, on-line at http://www.ticketbooth.com.au/search#mudsingers. The London Shed is a magnificent building with great acoustics and lovely ambience.

See you there, Pip