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Musicians Retreat for Songwriting and Recording

Bawley Bush Cottages is an amazing musicians retreat to write songs, work on their new material and even recording their own album. Surrounded by natural bushland on the banks of Lake Willinga, it is a perfect environment to comtemplate and let the creative juices flow without being disturbed by the rest of the world.

Storm Cellar recently spent some time rehearsing and recording their new album in the Cockatoo Room at Bawley Bush Cottages while staying at the 4 Star Eco Retreat accommodation. Below is one of the many pieces of video footage they took.

For a descriptive run down of their experience go to their blog where you’ll get lot’s of info, photos and videos of their recording and rehearsing in and around the Cockatoo Room at Bawley Bush Cottages. You can get to their site from this link

The location is ideal as a songwriting retreat.