Visit NSW South Coast Beaches they are the best in world – do you need a holiday?

NSW South Coast Beaches

NSW South Coast Beaches

Hi everyone
January is just around the corner now – I’ve got a big birthday happening – oh dear – but I am looking forward to some fun times with friends and family visiting me on the beautiful NSW South Coast. It’s always lovely sharing this gorgeous piece of paradise that is The Shoalhaven.

The weather has returned to fabulous after some pretty crazy and spectacular storm activity. All the rain has turned the beautiful countryside a lush emerald green.

The ocean is the perfect temperature right now and we’ve been having some lovely swims. I’d forgotten how many amazing beaches there are to visit in the area.

I am looking forward to a  night out during the holidays with some great old friends at Tallwood in Mollymook. I think it’s got to be one of the best restaurants on the South Coast – Matt the Chef used to chef for Rick Stein’s at Bannister’s – which is another wonderful restaurant we are lucky to have so close – also in Mollymook.

Here at Bawley Bush Retreat we are fully booked out for our peak period however we still have plenty of space for people to come and enjoy our special piece of NSW South Coast in January. Click here to find out more about our availability.

See you in the surf!!

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Full-on Yoga Retreat happening at Bawley Bush Retreat

There’s no better place anywhere on the South Coast for a yoga retreat, whether it’s to train more adherents to become teachers, or just for people who love nothing better than to spend several hours a day exercising their bodies and minds in asanas, or postures. All I know is, I’ve taken part in a day yoga retreat and felt stretched in mind and body afterwards. So I can imagine what five days of yoga, meditation, laced with visits to our wonderful beaches, swimming, walking in the bush as well as the fantastic food provided by the two caterers this particular group always bring with them can achieve.  Our seminar room is perfect for this, with its views right down to the lake, curious kangaroos and wallabies watch as retreaters do their postures on the lawns.

Everyone tells us the bush ambience, surrounding our Cockatoo room, with nothing but the sounds of bird calls and the distant crashing of waves is perfect and it is, I can attest to that, having been there, done that. Inside is also wonderful, in summer with the windows and doors wide open, there’s the soft green of the gum trees, a wide verandah to sit on and have your meals and cups of tea. Just perfect.

Happy summer everyone. Pip

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Summer is i coming in….

Yes, that’s right, we’ve nearly got to those lovely warm days capped off with mild evenings where it’s possible to sit outside and enjoy the fading daylight and your beautiful surroundings.

It’s beautiful at Bawley at any time of the year. There’s the busy life of the bush around us, several pristine, white sand beaches to choose from, as well as the cheerful atmosphere of our local cafe, where they serve the best coffee, but summer for me is really special.

Now begins the time of long, warm days in the sun, keeping the vegie garden under control, the tomatoes are growing visibly, you can practically hear the lettuces cackling as they stretch their leaves in the warmth of the sun. Let’s not forget the frog orchestra lulling me to sleep every night. Some frogs like to set up house in our drain pipes from where they can make a huge echoing racket, calling for mates in their own froggy language.

Visitors are spoilt for choice in this area. We are twenty minutes drive from some of the best restaurants on the South Coast, we have the local cafe for casual pizzas, that’s three minutes drive away, as well there’s a fine dining restaurant/cafe at Merry Beach, ten minutes away by car.

As for coffee, and weekend breakfast, you can’t beat the Bawley Beach Cafe, just down the road from us. Just nip up to the shopping centre and buy your newspaper or open up your Ipad and read the paper over a great coffee.

We even have a 24 hour convenience store up on the highway, a few minutes drive away, where you can buy the provisions you may have overlooked in the rush to leave the city. Not many rural areas can boast that.

Summer is when I start to think about new toys for the dam, not for me, for the grand kids, where we swim every day to wash the sand off after a beach visit. The white water lilies open up their flowers when summer comes and we see the O shaped mouths of the little turtles as they rise to the surface, to snaffle gnats and termites.

Some fun events to look forward to. The celebrated MUDsingers, a gospel choir from Milton Ulladulla are giving their Christmas Gala Concert on December 19th at the ANU Kioloa London Shed. It’s a must-be-there event which will take the roof off. Supper and drinks are available, you can buy tickets, $15 pp, on-line at The London Shed is a magnificent building with great acoustics and lovely ambience.

See you there, Pip

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Musicians Retreat for Songwriting and Recording

Bawley Bush Cottages is an amazing musicians retreat to write songs, work on their new material and even recording their own album. Surrounded by natural bushland on the banks of Lake Willinga, it is a perfect environment to comtemplate and let the creative juices flow without being disturbed by the rest of the world.

Storm Cellar recently spent some time rehearsing and recording their new album in the Cockatoo Room at Bawley Bush Cottages while staying at the 4 Star Eco Retreat accommodation. Below is one of the many pieces of video footage they took.

For a descriptive run down of their experience go to their blog where you’ll get lot’s of info, photos and videos of their recording and rehearsing in and around the Cockatoo Room at Bawley Bush Cottages. You can get to their site from this link

The location is ideal as a songwriting retreat.

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What Can Corporate Team Building Do For Your Business?

So what can Corporate Team Building do for your business?

Finding the perfect location and venue for your Corporate Team Building activities is an important part of creating the whole atmosphere for learning outside the normal work environment. This is why so many people who come to Bawley Bush Cottages on the south coast of NSW return again. Great for thinking and great for some real air and natural environment.

If you are an organization, however your principal target is to your enterprise to be successful. Being an employer or even the enterprise proprietor, you ought to be informed that your workforce play an essential part in building this aim a fact. For this reason you have to make your staff members feel that they are part with the business enterprise instead of just there simply to generate their salaries.

The achievements of every business depends on the unity along with the urge of every and just about every worker to strive onwards meeting the company’s goal. Corporate Team Building aims to inculcate this benefit to businesses and their workers. This explains why massive businesses and even smallish types make it a position to put aside a time for team setting up, which is the obligation within the human resource division of those businesses.

Corporate Team Building aims to promote the particular also as qualified expansion of every single member of your group. This is the initially stage in motivating them to complete as a group in functioning in the direction of good results. Video games and pursuits are pieces of your occasion for your basic purpose that it truly is regarded as an effective technique to draw jointly individuals from different social and educational backgrounds operating on a single intention for the business enterprise.

There might be team developing physical exercises, which serves as the medium for them to become determined to get the job done in partnership and join forces for a frequent contribute to. As a complete all of those routines are formulated to produce and intensify fantastic operating relationships somewhere between workers on the business.

This can be irrespective of what positions they maintain inside the provider. Group setting up routines are shaped given that they have been well-acknowledged for its usefulness in acquiring a harmonious doing work romance and surroundings inside a special workplace. These routines are aimed as morale booster for the people personnel to improve much better relating to get the job done productivity.

Figuring out the surroundings from the workplace is something that they can be at ease with is definitely the duty from the superiors and this is certainly certainly one of the aims when annual or bi-annual group developing activities are carried out. All organisations need to enhance their revenue plus the very best technique to acquire that is to make certain that workers are striving for efficiency. Within their observation, looking inward rather than outward systems is much better to meeting their company’s advancement. This can be attained by owning a constantly interrelated functioning partnership by their workforce. Recognizing the fact that the higher the employees are unified with a common aim, the larger the degree of production and efficiency will transpire.

To read more……

For more info about the Cockatoo Room meeting, seminar and team building room….

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Ten Cost Saving Wedding Tips | Bawley Point Wedding Venue

After long and careful planning for the wedding venue and our marriage celebrations at Bawley Bush Cottages on the NSW south coast I feel like I know a little about cost saving wedding tips and how to get the wedding venue we wanted to suit our and our family and friends needs. Many other people go through similar cost dilemmas and this article contains some good advise.

1. Make a realistic budget. The bride and groom must be willing to prioritize what they want the most and be able to let some other things slide. You have to understand from the get-go that you can’t have everything, so if you want a big dance band at the reception, then maybe you need to go with a cheaper menu or fewer flowers.

2. Be decisive. I was horrified to hear a story of a bride who bought three different wedding dresses because she kept seeing other dresses she liked better than what she had already bought.

Of course, most bridal shops have a “no return” policy. Ugh. Make your selection and love it and stick with it.

3. Be creative. This is a broad category, but the more creative you can be in all facets, the more you can really save. For example, a morning wedding or a Sunday night ceremony can be a good money saver. Or having cupcakes instead of a wedding cake. Or sharing the cost of rentals with another wedding party at the same location.

4. Be a borrower. This can pay off, and I don’t mean borrowing money. (Under no circumstances is it smart to borrow money to pay for a wedding.) But borrow things. Wear your mother’s dress or a sister’s dress, or a friend’s veil, for example. Plus, you need something borrowed, anyway.

5. DIY when you can. Or let friends help. A DIY wedding is a lot of work and can be stressful, but there is no question that catering it yourself or doing your own flowers can save you a bundle.

But also be sure to factor in all of the extras that caterers typically include that you might not think about having to do or pay for, such as tables, chairs and portable bathrooms.

6. Tweak the menu. Whether you do it yourself or hire someone, this can make a big difference. Caterers typically have set menus, but if you can find one who is willing to work with you and change a few things around to cut the price per person, you can definitely whittle down the cost of the food.

7. Go over the guest list. Obviously, the number of guests controls a lot of the expenses, so make sure your guest list really reflects the people you truly want. And be sure that your RSVP count is realistic. For lots of weddings, guests will come to the service and then stop by the reception for a few minutes but not eat — but you are paying for their meal because they RSVP’d in the affirmative.

8. Vet the Wedding Venue. Your choice for the wedding venue and the reception is a crucial piece of the wedding puzzle, and prices can be all over the place. Definitely shop around. Typically you are going to do better price-wise to have the ceremony and reception at one location. Also, a venue that will let you bring in your own caterer and bar can save you a lot of money.

But there are package deals at some venues that give you an attractive fixed cost and fewer vendors to deal with. If you can have the accommodation at the same venue then this will save a lot of extra travel to and fro also.

The Cockatoo Room at Bawley Bush Cottages is a beautiful venue for your wedding ceremony and reception. May we recommend that you consider an outdoor service though as the scenery is sublime with Lake Willinga across the lawns with black swans swimming past, surrounded by a stunning natural bush landscape and only minutes away from pristine Bawley Point beaches.

This venue definitely ticks all the boxes for a wonderful “best day of your life”

9. Buy instead of rent. Compare the cost of buying as opposed to renting some things. One friend bought napkins online and used them for all of the showers, the rehearsal dinner and the wedding dinner and will have them for their next daughter’s wedding. Another bride bought all of her plates and wine glasses at a thrift store and planned a garage sale later to recoup some of her expenses.

10. Get some expert opinions. Talk to at least 10 recent brides/couples to see what they learned and what they would or wouldn’t do again.

We hope you enjoyed this “Cost Saving Wedding Tips” article and many thanks to Ms Cheap for her article insight from the marriage preparations for her two daughters

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Team Building Ideas | South Coast

Team Building Ideas are the starting point to create full potential and strengths, discovering group strengths, leading to a more positive company and Team Building Activities create skills which are essential for an effective manager or an industrialist.

This is because team work allows the accomplishment of something much bigger and more effective, as opposed to the group working individually. When individuals use their strengths to their full potential and compensate for the weakness of others in the group, it leads to an overall result that is more positive, and everyone in the company benefits. Also, the different personalities can balance and harmonize each other. Finally all the efforts of a team are geared toward the same clear goal which also benefits the bigger picture. While it may appear that team building ideas are just common sense, when observed closely it is found that they are not common practice.

Let’s start with some basic Team Building Ideas with the following steps:

* First and foremost make sure that the goals are clearly outlined, each team member understands them and accepts them.

* Each member of the team should know what their responsibility is and there should be no overlapping.

* Establish trust with the team members by spending time with each individually, and be loyal to the employees if the same is desired in return.

* Provide opportunities for team members to build trust amongst each other. Give extra social time in surroundings that support open communication.

* For problems that require team consent and obligation, try to engage the whole team in the decision making process.

* For teams dispersed in different locations, make sure lines of communication are open and everyone is fully updated. Frequent online meetings can help cut costs and keep everyone informed.

* Realize any interpersonal issues early and sort them out in full so they do not cause a hindrance.

* Do not forget to show appreciation.

* Remember to be fare and not be limited to negative feedback. Whenever an opportunity presents itself, give positive feedback.

To get full article go to…..

Bawley Bush Cottages on the south coast of NSW has the best facilities for your next Team Building, Seminar or meeting. So once you’ve discovered your Team Building Ideas then call us for a quote (02) 4480 6754.

Don’t forget we can also accommodate your team in our award winning 4 Star Eco bungalows and supply all your catering needs on requests.

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So What is Team Building?

Vector image of two human figures with hands i...

Image via Wikipedia

The Team Building concept was born in the United States as a technique on human resources departments to promote relations between the executives of a corporation.

Later on, this application was extended to all business departments, not just executives, becoming an usual activity for improvement in work teams, and for the resolution of conflicts.

How does Team Building work?

A Team Building events develop activities that allow members of a corporate group located outside of its normal working environment to redefine themselves as a team.

These activities may seem simple, but are the result of study and analysis of expert psychologists, and their results are excellent in promoting personal relationships, companionship, organizational skills, management, leadership and delegation.

To allow participants to work effectively as a team and succeed, the first step is to define the type of group they belong to. All members must have clear goals, what role has to be met, who to work with, and what strategy to follow.


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Corporate Events Managers | South Coast Meeting Venue

Corporate Events Managers

Are you a corporate events manager or HR manager looking for your company’s next conference, seminar, meeting or team building events venue on the south coast of NSW?

Then look no further!

The Cockatoo Room at Bawley Point can meet all your requirements with the:

Corporate Seminar and Training Space

The Cockatoo Room is a fully equipped Conference Venue for Seminars, Functions, Events and Meeting Room

  • perfect location
  • the Cockatoo meeting room holds up to 80 people
  • all technical PA and data requirements met
  • 4 Star eco accommodation for up to 30 people at Bawley Bush Cottages onsight
  • large lawned space for outdoor activities with spectacular views of Lake Willinga and surrounding natural bushland
  • self catered cottages
  • catering available for your event – all diets taken into account

So for your next big event, treat your company or team to the best environment on the NSW south coast to think, be creative and relax.

Contact us now for more information on (02) 4480 6754 or email

And to be totally informed about the area, get your “Discovering Bawley Point” A paradise on the NSW south coast eBook by simply entering your contact details to the box to the right of this page. It’s a beautiful part of the world.

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Ecotourism – Green Travel Guide Australia 2011-12

Bawley Bush Cottages on the south coast of NSW is an Ecotourism friendly 4 star retreat.

Our Ecotourism Credentials

Though our cottages and function space are all grid-connected with modern electric and LPG appliances, we try to minimize our environmental footprint. It’s a challenge. We aim to make our buildings appear as elements of the bush rather than being separate from it.  We are completely self sufficient in water and deliver drinking, treated dam and untreated dam water to all buildings. Half of our toilets are composting ones, we recycle all rubbish and we compost all of our own and guest food wastes in a worm farm. We have a state-of-the-art, passive waste water treatment system designed to protect the adjacent pristine lake from the possibility of nutrient contamination. We use solar and wood-fired water heating.

To find out more about Bawley Point get the “Discovering Bawley Point” A paradise on the NSW south coast eBook by entering your information to the right of this page.

We thought you may be interested in this article.

Ecotourism Australia has released the Green Travel Guide Australia 2011/2012.

“Ecotourism Australia celebrates its 20th Birthday this year, and this year’s Green Travel Guide Australia is a tribute to the growth of responsible and sustainable tourism in Australia,” Ms Kym Cheatham, CEO of Ecotourism Australia said. “The 2011/2012 Green Travel Guide Australia features over 1000 Australian tourism experiences that offer responsible, ethical and sustainable tourism experiences.”

The Green Travel Guide Australia 2011/2012 also features the newly launch Eco Lodges of Australia brand, a marketing initiative of Advanced Ecotourism Certified accommodation experience in Australia.
“Australia is globally recognised for outstanding ecotourism experiences. Eco Lodges of Australia offers the ECO conscious traveller responsible, ethical and sustainable ECO experiences in Australia’s most amazing natural locations.” Ms Cheatham said.

The Green Travel Guide Australia 2011/2012 also highlights tourism operators who have been ECO certified for 10 years or more, under the logo of the Green Travel Leaders of Australia.

To read more about the Ecotourism – Green Travel Guide Australia 2011-12

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